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Today's the thing!

Today was a miserable task in Santa Cruz made many many times more pleasant, pleasurable and positive by having djdigit's company throughout. We left early enough and sped easily all the way down 101 to 85 and once we hit 17, there was a big sign telling us to EXPECT DELAYS, which, you know, we pretty much had to, since 17 is essentially the only artery leading to our destination... So traffic was almost at a complete standstill for quite a while, and we made the time pass more pleasantly by listening to loud thumpy progressive house mixes and making fun of the people in other cars while making out intermittently.

That was A whole lot more fun than whining and bitching about being late to Santa Cruz to meet up with the Appliance repairman guy anyhow. One of the cutest things we saw was a pair of feet sticking out of the rear window of an SUV, kind of bopping along to some unheard music, and a man in the front passenger seat was grabbing at her toes while she slapped at his hand witht he sole of one foot. It made me really happy in that "Wow, people aren't all assholes, they're fun and playful sometimes, too!" sort of way. About 15 minutes later, the same car went by us, and the man in the front finally caught one of the woman's feet, and then sort of tickled at it and yanked on her toes while D. and I laughed hysterically, wondering aloud what he would do with her feet once he'd caught them, and well, there ya go. He eventually let her go, and they drove on.

*Ok, this song right now, Rapture by iio, remixed by Deep Dish is really really beautiful.

The Appliance guy had come and gone, though we only missed the opening of the appointment window by about 20 minutes, so I called and they wound up doing me this big stupid favor (whoa hey pal thanks) by getting someone to come out before Monday blah blah. Long story short there, all the freon leaked out of the ancient fridge and it wasn't cold anymore. Boooo. So I had to buy a new one, getting My Very First Ever Credit Card in the process somehow. Yay Sears!? Grumble.

It was really really nice hanging out with D. all day. We talked and had a lazy phase, I took him on a scenic drive around the capitola/pleasure point/live oak/seabright route back from evil Sears land, because oh man, Sears? That is so godawful boring! So, I showed him places where weird childhood things happened, where I knew people, where buildings had been razed, where I had been hit by a car when I was 4, stuff like that. It was amusing!

We spent a while drinking red bulls (go team spazmatron) and lazing around looking at some old sketchbooks I came across until we decided OH it's TIME to go record shopping at Logo's, a most awesome used record and bookstore. Ohhh yeah. D. liked that idea! I almost spent a bunch of money, but then I did anyway. :) We spent a really long time in there, and I walked out with 5 cds while he wound up with something like 20+ albums aiiie! That was fun fun. I also loaned him some of my old vinyl that was laying around in SC, so hey fun stuff!

Ok, so I really miss having a turntable. Watching D. pull out all these songs, sliding them out, looking them over, this is making me miss all my pretty shiny records. They're just sitting around collecting dust!

What a fun trip, really. Fun day, lots of cool conversating, driving around in a sporty car and laughing and things. More fun than riding a bus and being stressy.

It was cool to see the kitties at my slumhouse in Santa Cruz. Oh yeah, I get to go back on Monday to await Fridge deliverance! I will pet the kitkas. Speaking of kitkas, curious and grumpious kitty drawings from my handspring:
mrrowrr?       mrrmmph!

Still having fun even now. Last night I had the best ever Tuna Melt and a really interesting experience with squeezing limes. And gooood cosmopolitans.

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