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So today I was vaguely helpful and entertaining to dfors, helping him move his crap from the tender nob/tenderloin hell that was his home to his new digs over on the foggier side of the city, western addition. It was nice to be a little useful, because I know how much moving can be a lonely fucked up bore.

So there's this Lost Sounds show tonight that I'm supposed to maybe be going to tonight, but maybe not? Maybe wires were crossed. Anyhow, sitting around waiting gives me a chance to rant about a strange event I had to endure earlier this evening.

I was trying to call John, the guy i've been kind of seeing/kind of not seeing for the past few months. I was going to tell him about this show tonight and another happening at Gilman on Saturday (read all about it here) but he's nearly impossible to get on the phone. So, his pissy ex girl is his roommate, she hates me a whole lot. She answers the phone, "(HEAVY SIGH) Hhhhello."

So I ask politely if he's there and everything, incidentally, i've never been impolite or obnoxious with this woman, because I know the score. She says no, and then says "Listen, I'm going to fucking tell you something. John will fucking call you back. Why don't you fucking stop acting like a fucking 14 year old girl and stop fucking annoying us by calling here every fucking day..." and she goes on and on just berating me and accusing me of CONSTANTLY calling her number which, ok, isn't true.

Up to a certain point I was nice enough, but then she started getting personal and bitchy and I went off, but not in a really malicious way, "Look, girl, Oh my god! what's UP?! You don't even know me! What's the big problem? I have no problem with you, why is it such a problem to call?" and she basically told me that I wasn't allowed to call her number, with my "pissy shit attitude" and so on. I mean maybe I did call 2 times today, but what's the big deal? I hate the political implications of calling people vs. sending email. It's always so stressful trying to contact him. And he told me to call. And told me, essentially, to ignore his ex. Okay, but this isn't fun!

Um. I really didn't either deserve, or need that crap. So I guess, in a way she wins, because I'm not going to call there anymore. I don't want to be the source of such drama in someone else's world. Some total stranger. I don't want to have somebody out there thinking I'm a horrible bitch, either, when I haven't even had a chance to become one!

On a lighter note, while I was aimlessly waiting around for Larry and Jon to come by, nux_vomica and her friend Kiki stopped by and we sat around on my porch having a little shindig and talking shit, listening to my neighbor's mediocre band practicing and talking with all the hip neighbor kids. That was actually kind of fun, yo! I love my weird little neighborhood. Lots of fun entertaining weirdos live around here.

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