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So, as nux_vomica posted, I didn't go to Dark Sparkle last night. I wound up getting a lot of phonecalls while I was supposed to be taking a disco nap. One of the calls turned in to a really upsetting argument, and my outlook turned extremely sour. These things happen. So I went to sleep eventually, and woke up to dfors on the phone talking about packing and stuff, so I offered to help out because I Am Nice Like That. So I came by his, and really wasn't all that helpful after all, any assistance I may have offered was entirely incidental and mostly in the form of moral support. Around dawn we both kind of passed out on the floor/futon and I had a lot of really strange, vivid mini-dreams.

In one of the dreams, Something Strange and Temporary happened to the planet, it became slightly flat. As a result, it was possible to see every mountain range in every direction. It was stunning, if a little hard to describe. It was hard to gauge distances because everything was compressed and there was no depth of field. There were also wooly mammoths running around in this vast valley below me. Yeah, strange. Other dreams seemed very real, and I kept waking up going "Uh where am I? Oh, right. Ok." and falling back asleep for a little bit. Wash, rinse, repeat. At one point while I was vaguely awake, dfors said "chicken" in his sleep. FASCINATING!

Now I'm waiting around for him to get back with the uhaul thing, and someone out on Bush st. is hollering incoherently.

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