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Ach du Stinkbreath!

Well, we didn't get stinky at all, really. It was pretty fun, even though I'm not all that familiar with all of Joel's friends from Albuquerque and the people related to the southbay Abq. expatriate scene. They're funny and mellow, and I passed pixie sticks around, having wisely brought a big fistful along since there were 10 of us. I laughed politely at their jokes and fidgeted a lot at first. I get pretty shy, really, especially when i'm an outsider in a really small, tightly knit group. I'd spoken to a bunch of these people before on icb, and there were a few people I hadn't met in person, so there was that whole "Oh, so you're so-and-so" first meeting awkwardness to get over, but once we all started sucking down the Garlicky Goodness at the Stinking Rose, we got more comfortable.

I ate something really good and fishy and yes, Garlicky. Zuppa de Pesce nyum. Afterwards we went to Caffe Greco (though generally, for North Beach cafes I prefer Caffe Trieste but this wasn't bad) and I drank up some nutmeggy cappucino and we took over a big knot of tables in the middle of the place and got sugared and caffeinated. Then we wandered down to chinatown, where Joel and I split off from the group and went wandering down Grant and were surprised to find a bunch of shops still open at 10pm, so I bought up some cheap novelties and crap. We meandered further, down to Market, and I took some of my usual late night street photos. Bought a copy of Le Tigre's first album and the new Orbital cd just as the Virgin megastore was closing, then we ran back to my place and we've been playing music, hassling the cats and playing video games ever since.

A fun evening, all in all.

My birthday is on Wednesday, and I have no idea how to commemorate it. It's got me a little bit bummed out. Last year I wound up working until Midnight on my birthday, and since i'm happily unemployed, at least there's no danger of that happening this time around!

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