caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Odd, poignant news...

I was just informed by my slumtenants that my mother, who died in August 2001 was recently featured in the Santa Cruz Metro.
    [2003:07:20:13:06] caffeinatrix: what was it about?
    [2003:07:20:13:06] lu3ke: It quotes her about avoiding the use of adverbs
    [2003:07:20:13:07] lu3ke: "Why 'Go Boldly' when you can 'Venture'?"
    [2003:07:20:13:07] lu3ke: or something like that
    [2003:07:20:13:07] caffeinatrix: Whoa
    [2003:07:20:13:07] lu3ke: And calls her the esteemed poet and former santa cruz resident
    [2003:07:20:13:11] lu3ke: During her lifetime, the late Santa Cruz resident and poet extraordinaire Stormi Chambless advised writers to avoid adverbs.

    "Why 'go boldly' when you can 'venture'?" said this advocate of accurate, stand- alone verbs.
    [2003:07:20:13:11] lu3ke: Nüz got to wondering what Chambless would have made of the City Council's decision last week to dump an adverb for political reasons.
    [2003:07:20:13:11] lu3ke: there you go
    [2003:07:20:13:12] lu3ke:
    [2003:07:20:13:12] caffeinatrix: Whoa!!!
    [2003:07:20:13:12] lu3ke: isn't that neat?

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