caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

tsk tsk

My entries lately have been kind of vague, there's a whole hell of a lot going on that I haven't written about. Why do I censor myself so much? I guess too many peeps be readin', maybe. Maybe I should devote this journal solely to photos of my ass, or photos of my bruises.

And now, an anecdote.

I was at the Lucky Penny enjoying Sausage and Eggs, the link style little breakfasty kind of sausages. When I cut the last sausage in half, one half flipped over and landed directly in the middle of the plate, erect, pointing proudly at the ceiling. I laughed and said something about a Sausage Party, or whatever euphemism seemed appropriate at the time and ate it up yum. A while later, an older couple seated across from me got up to leave, and the woman tapped me on the shoulder, and said quietly, "I saw your sausage." It was HILARIOUS. Ok. Whatever.

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