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So, unicornflower just came by and surprised me while I was wearing no clothes due to crazy laundry time and i was all verklemmt because i hadn't seen him in uh, years or something. It was amuuuusing. I made him tea, and he totally didn't drink it.

Tonight is SIN! at the Rawhide on Folsom. I'm planning on going, and dfors was talking about going too, hooray.

In other news, I called John up out of the blue and he was three things: Friendly, Playing Video Games, and Very, Very Stoned. He was also busy with a friend from work, and stuff, and in the end I told him to give me a call sometime and he said he still had my number, so alright, whatevz. I spoze he still might be a contender. I guess I have to be more forceful about my calls, and definitely want to talk to him at some point.

Being single is weird but fun, right now.