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omg omfg

Men, oh holy god.

I had a fucking brilliant time at Death Guild tonight! Hooray for going out. Tomorrow night is Spin This! at 26 Mix it seems.

The evening started out with me schlepping over to this cyberboy Jim's house for pre-drinking, musical entertainment and final outfit prep, and we got moving kind of late because a) his house is awesome and amusing to be in, b) i got there late, and c) we were having fun looking at books and listening to music and debating the true nature of lemmings. So then we finally took off, and I was feeling mightyfine.

Dancing was amazingly cathartic and fun, and I got a free drink when I really wanted water, so I got too damned toasty for my own good.

I turned down some potentially awesome zipless benefits tonight, though, much to my surprise. I guess I do have some self-restraint, after all. Geeeee. Huff puff. Wotta night.

rabbitron has to remind me what the fuck all I was babbling to him about, because a whole lot of kissing with some boy totally erased my databanks. Jeepers.


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Jul. 1st, 2003 01:20 pm (UTC)
To quote Sargent Shultz: "I know nothing...nothing!!"
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