caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

weird dreamings

Umm. I just had a very strange dream. It was super lurid and highly detailed, but i'll whittle it down: It was set in Seattle, and I was telling everyone to go to Mr. Spots chai house, and I went there myself, but it was a stripclub. Huh. Also, some 'friends' had hired people to kill me, as a prank of some sort. I was hunkering down awaiting my assassins, who were inexplicably all big hair metal boys somehow connected to the mob. At the last minute, my 'friends' decided to call it off, but didn't tell me for several hours.

Then, right before I woke up, I dreamt that I was on a bus stretching my legs straight up, as close to my chest as possible, sort of folding myself in half but I was wearing a skirt and no unders and was unconsciously flashing the entire bus! So this couple in front of me started staring and laughing, and the guy said "Damn baby that's some full on bivalve action you got goin' on there!" and then there were untoward suggestions and I woke up, confused. That'd be the first instance of the word "bivalve" ever appearing in my dreams.

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