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Wa wa washington

Went down to Pioneer Square today and looked at things and stuff. Bought a fistful of fiction anthologies at Elliot Bay, and youtsk got me a keychain with the word "mistress" stamped in to a sort of dogtaggy thing. He got one for himself which says "chastity belt". Hoorah! What else, what else... Stopped to take one of my trademarked random photographs of some random thing or another, and a semitoothless man stopped to ask for a cigarette, and then paused to try to ascertain what I was aiming at, and I said "Oh, I just wanted to get a photo of that there..." and he asked, incredulous, "Of a newspaper box?! Pff. Artists!" Looked at buildings. Walked around, it was warm, then it got kind of muggy and, despite multiple caffeination attempts, I was drowsy and droopy, so there was napping.

Went off later to see 28 Days Later and wow wow! Great movie, scary as hell, and oddly sweet and funny, too. Usually I avoid seeing movies on the opening day because I hate the scrambling and pushing and hype, but it was kind of cool seeing this with an enormous mob. Lots of hipstertypes in the audience as well, and hey people in Seattle hiss at bad previews just like in San Francisco! God bless the hissers. Sometimes crowds give me hope for humanity, others... well. I really don't hate everyone as much as I think I do, but sometimes I can't help it. I'm an optimistic misanthrope? Okay. Schleepy... Tomorrow will be a busy day!

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