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Just finished up some room service breakfast which wasn't quite as tasty as the awesome breakfast we had at the Athenian Inn down in the Pike Place Market. youtsk is cracking up watching Ricki Lake tackle the tough issues of Single Moms who Strip and muttering "I love our society" and bitterly cracking jokes about TGI Fridays. FUNNAY. He just said, "OOH SPRINGER! UNFORGIVABLE SECRETS!" I don't think that he gets enough bad tv in his daily life.

Last night, after my nap, I was restless and bored so we went out wandering around downtown Seattle. Nothing was open anywhere, so we just kept wandering and eventually wound up back here. It stays light pretty late though, and it was pretty balmy, so it was a nice walk.

I'm definitely feeling a lot better so hooray for that! Today we're going farther afield, to Archie McPhee's and some other Ballard/Fremont crap. And the "International District". Oooh.

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