caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

In other news

    Just so it's clear that my life does consist of more than crushes, dancing and debauchery...

Things are progressing with the house, hooray! Contractors came and put in a nice new door on one of the bedrooms, the one garote rented briefly- it's also my old teenage bedroom - and it's good to have that one thing finished, nice to have substantial progress on something, at least. Some carpenters should be contacting me soon about replacing the subflooring and linoleum in the kitchen-o-doom and the new countertops. It's possible, though it seems a huge undertaking, that it could be done this week which, you know, would really be ideal, because I need to not be spending so much time living out of a suitcase etc. And I need to finish this crap up and get someone else moved in so the rent will at least cover the mortgage... I'm hemorrhaging money.

I absolutely need a job. Soon. Nooo idea what I should do, or look for. Kind of getting a little panicky.

I have a wee vacation next week, going to Seattle to hang with youtsk but I haven't really been thinking much about it, too preoccupied. I'm sure i'll have fun once i'm doing it, but right now it just seems foolish, kind of expensive and poorly timed. Note: youtsk is super fun and I don't get to hang out with his bad self very often and he is, in addition, the total boss of me.

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