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I went through all this waffling and whinging trying to decide if 2 days is "too soon" to call him, and then I finally got up the courage to call, and muh.

His ex, who is his housemate, answered the phone and she sounded THRILLED TO PIECES. She said "(heavy sigh) I think he's asleep, do you want me to check?" and I said "Well, if he might be up, er... If it's not too much uh, trouble, ehm..." and then she got even more tickled when she heard it was me (On saturday, before our date, she freaked out and questioned him, calling me "That Kamio girl," derisively telling him to Have Fun with that GIRL as he was leaving, ugh) and the next thing I hear is her waking him up kind of harshly and him grunting "WHAAT!"

Damnit. So I felt chagrined and stupid, he sounded confused and exhausted, and the brief, awkward conversation consisted primarily of me apologizing and begging off, "Talk to you later, go on back to sleep, ok bye."

Derrrr. That could have gone better. How embarrassing and discouraging.

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