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Some things...

So, I'm almost completely nocturnal now. I gravitate towards this kind of schedule naturally, and it sometimes leads to creativity and fun. Tonight is one example of the creative/fun sort of wee-hours goodness. I'm making crazy things in Flash, trying my hand at a little vector-based animation crap, and it's really fun. Really goofy.

After spending a while animating roly little heads and tweening googling eyes, I actually sat down for a while and drew. Then I painted a bit. This is worth noting, because I haven't really been painting much in the past uh, while. Granted, it's just a few pages in my sketchbook, but it feels really good to be making things. My hands are messy with paint and ink. Glee!

A really amazingly freak-out creative friend of mine, Niffer, hooked me up with someone who has a studio space she wants to share here in SF. I've been toying with the idea of renting myself a nice space, sharing with someone to offset the costs, and this kind of fell in my lap. I got this woman's number and sat on it for a few days, while other things were demanding my attention. She wound up calling me, which was kind of a surprise, and we talked, she gave me her URL and I poked around on it for awhile and realized that we went to the same midwestern Art school in 1990. HMM. Bizarre! Her art is pretty cool, she works with a lot of different mediums. Unlike me, she went ahead and got degrees and is working in an artistic field, etc.

Color me intimidated.

Next week, I'm going to go out to the space, check it out, meet her, see what I think, see if we get along. Hopefully it's a good match, because I think it would do me a world of good to have some space that's entirely devoted to art, even if it is halfway across town.

So, well, it was a weirdly hot day today, and I bought some weird japanese stickers and pens (Bless you, Kinokuniya) and another Big Glossy Design Book.

I figure it's as good a time as any to go to sleep now.

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