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I have a toothache

I'm back in Sizan Frizan after a long uneventful/eventful week+ down in Santa Cruz dealing with house/tenant issues. I've groused and fretted long enough about that, so i'll just leave it at that for now.

Yesterday I went toy shopping with J, and got some fun toys, some stikfas and a cool gundam (assembled the gundam before sleep last night, will be doing the samurai stikfas guy this evening) and passed on buying a Mr. Bucket. It was fun, roaring through Toys R Us is always good. The ghetto selection of Toys R Us leaves something to be desired, though.

J and I stopped and bought some catfish, salad fixings, multihued bellpeppers and ponzu sauce to experimentally christen my George Foreman grill. We wound up kind of poaching the fish with some peppers after marinating it in ponzu sauce for a while. It was TASTY and EMPOWERING. Yeum. Then we watched the Animatrix, some Family Guy episodes and both got really tired. The End.

Today I found my new friend, R, online and asked when he wanted me to show him around the cool toy stores and he said HEY today! so we met up (eventually) at the West Portal Squat N' Gobble (a.k.a. Sir Crepes-A-Lot) and chowed on some tasty crepefood. He showed me a pretty cool toystore in that neighborhood since I'm kind of unfamiliar with it, Ambassador Toys. It's a toystore for smart kids who have yuppie parents and lovingly crafted toys made of wood, or something. Very fun stuff. Lots of great puppets! I got a cool Gund snake toy thing that bends and stuff. HOO-RAY.

We headed over to the Richmond/Clement St. quadrant in order to check out the awesome toyshopping around there, and found that the cool comic/toystore on Geary had moved up a block or so in to a new giant location YAY YAY, so I got some comics, 2 be@rbricks and a snazzy McFarlane figure. We were too late to go to the awesome Heroes action figure store but the weirdo toy/dvd/pirate vcd/porn place was open, so we tromped around in there for a while, checked out a nice little bookshop and headed back in time to see the 7pm showing of Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo REWLZ and totally impressed me and I have to salute Pixar for not foisting any Randy Newman horror upon the audience. It's really funny and pretty and there's hope for humanity after all.

It's cool to be back in SF doing fun things with fun people! Yay! I am also happy to have a new weird friend to hang out with in SF. Hooray for R.!

My toothy thing is bugging me so it's dental time tomorrow. I guess. Boooo.

    ++ edit:
    I forgot to mention the cool pet store we stopped in, it has a bunch of really beautiful birds, some of which are allowed to hang out atop their cages. Specifically the brilliant little baby Dusky Headed Conure ($300!!! gaaack) who reallly took a shine to me and tried to eat my sweatshirt. He wanted to play a lot. I used to live with a ducky headed conure back in 96, in san jose, and liked it a lot a lot. His name was Shiloh and he said "monkey". R liked the hamsters a lot, and I bought some dope for my kitties.

    I also forgot to mention that snapdragons, when squeezed, pop their mouths open and make a "raaaar" sound. Lots of other things make the same "raar" sound but R and I decided that it was always the flowers. Somewhere, unseen flowers are roaring.

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