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dream a little dream of puke

    Kaffeinatrix: i was in some kind of disneyland kind of place but it all looked like tomorrowland added to an airport and i had heard that there was some kind of weird riot going on, a huge spectacle because some old executive man fell asleep on a ride and was vomiting all over and people were freaking
    Pippilina: fuck! that is EXACTLY like the dream I had where I was looking for you and your mom the other day
    Kaffeinatrix: so i ran and ran to go see, because it sounded hilarious or something, and i was trying to catch up to a bus, a double decker tourbus, which is what the 'ride' sort of morphed in to
    Pippilina: There was this airport morphed into an amusement park with a monorail and shit
    Kaffeinatrix: so i was with joel, or someone, joel i think, and we were pushing and shoving and going around this huge huge curved departure/curbside thing, and there was a lot of traffic
    Pippilina: vomiting is cool
    Kaffeinatrix: i kept going because it was really important to see what was happening
    Kaffeinatrix: i was kind of pulling joel along with me, tugging him like a kid by his hand
    Kaffeinatrix: and we didn't make it to the bus, at first, and there was this accident where a truck with a flatbed crashed and all these weird peppers and chopped tomatoes and chiles were pouring out of the back and people were making sauces out of them and by this point everyone was asian

    Pippilina: wow
    Kaffeinatrix: and then i decided i would scoop up some of the ingredients to make a sauce, it had become a business, and i started scooping the stuff up but then someone said it would take 5 minutes or more and i was like NO WAY MAN TOO LONG
    Pippilina: an accident and like, its kind of like gore, chunks of tomatoes n chilis pouring out the back
    Kaffeinatrix: so i took off again, and somehow got on to the bus, though i think this was later, and it was all asian kids, like seniors in highschool, and i was heading on to a freeway that looked like oregon
    Kaffeinatrix: yeah but it wasn't gore, it was intentional and looked tasty

    Pippilina: yum!
    Kaffeinatrix: so then, and this gets weird, the bus started veering around and it ran in to the back of a huge flatbed carrying the space shuttle and the space shuttle turned in to a rocket and started to like, hover and smoke was everywhere, and it kind of did a slow u-turn (this was in los gatos for some reason, hwy 17 where that one awful onramp is)
    Kaffeinatrix: and then it VROOM blasted off, and then it bombed seattle
    Kaffeinatrix: and it was like this weird "D'OH!" thing

    Pippilina: whoah it bombed seattle?
    Kaffeinatrix: yeah it turned in to some kind of missile
    Pippilina: d;oh
    Pippilina: sounds wild though

    Kaffeinatrix: so i went to a weird san jose looking place, like a parking lot for an apartment complex and then there were all these dumpsters and the foo fighters wanted to show me a video, and they said they had good footage of the puke fiasco (i was depressed to have missed it)
    Pippilina: hahahah!
    Kaffeinatrix: and the video was really weird and creative and had puppetry and collage and was interestingly punk rock, and then i turned to tell dave grohl that i liked it, and he was like WHOA NO YOU MISSED IT! and this happened 3 times before i managed to see the puke
    Kaffeinatrix: but the puke thing happened like, on the bus, with me there, and it was this group of asian kids who were porking out on free buffet food like they'd never had free food before, and it started with kind of just a little cough-chunk burp thing and then it kind of built on that, and all the puke looked like cream of mushroom soup
    Kaffeinatrix: everyone was freaking out and running around, there were tables and big cushy chairs all around, and the bus was more the size of a small boat or a plane or something, and i was like "Huh. So that's what all the fuss was about?"
    Kaffeinatrix: weird huh?

    Pippilina: totally!
    Kaffeinatrix: Liam came by and woke me up from that dream so i told him what i could piece together
    Pippilina: that's hella cool
    Pippilina: damn
    Pippilina: i fucking love dreaming

    Kaffeinatrix: me too
    Pippilina: we are so lucky to do it
    Kaffeinatrix: the dream was almost like slapstick
    Pippilina: can u imagine how dredful it would be w/out them
    Kaffeinatrix: all this terrible end-days shit was kind of going down, people were panicked and running all over but it was like benny hill
    Pippilina: damnnnnn i feel like i should put a dream journal next to my bed so i can better remember mine
    Pippilina: hahahahah!
    Pippilina: benny hill

    Kaffeinatrix: fully!@
    Pippilina: thats kind of the way it all really is
    Kaffeinatrix: Should I post this freak-ass dream in my LJ?
    Pippilina: duh!
    Pippilina: dude i read that benny hill died penniless in a filthy bedsit
    Pippilina: he was terrible with his money

    Kaffeinatrix: he deserves what he got

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