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pfff little to report. smutty dream though!

Yes, i'm still getting better, but I am still a little bit sick. This is tiresome business. I spent some time this evening swapping stories and farts with my friend Archie, who I don't get to see often enough since he moved across town. We talked about girls, boys, and mutual friends. I miss hanging out with him. Big rock star. I KNEW HIM WHEN, DAMNIT!

Watched Monster's Ball today and had impure thoughts. Good movie, though. Sad. Last night I watched Rock Star, and surprisingly, it influenced my dreams.

    I dreamt about a small house that, over time, wound up being 5 stories tall, but each floor had to be discovered and then excavated, and the top floor had a strange windy staircase which led to a rooftop patio and a gate which opened on to a lightrail train platform. It was very convenient! There was a lot of garbage everywhere, though it was all very sterile and everyone spoke Spanish. It looked like South San Jose might look in 15 years.

    Everything was kind of barren and windswept, and it seemed to be perpetually twilight, or the golden hour, or late afternoon. There were 70's-style concrete walkways and barricades everywhere, and it took a long time to get anyplace because it was so complicated.

    There was a strange party I had to go to, it was an obligation of sorts and once I got there I immediately wound up in a bed with a motley assortment of strangers, ostensibly to take part in a carefully choreographed orgy. The strange thing was that one of the women from the movie, Dagmara Dominczyk was among the participants, and I'd been told that she was a hermaphrodite. I was way too curious about her so, of course, I had to check her out. I was totally disappointed to find that she had no apparent male anatomy. The vagina she did possess was very fleshy and odd, like sculpted rubber. Kind of spongy and lurid, large and moist.

    It was really strange and explicit, and we were all lolling about on this huge bed in front of an enormous floor-to-ceiling picture window as sunlight poured in to the room. People kept passing by, and a crowd gathered, many wanted to join the festivities, including a homeless man with no legs. I struck up a conversation with him through the window, and I told him that it wasn't really fun and I wanted to leave. While this was indeed a highly explicit sex dream, it was more uncomfortable and awkward than erotic.

My brain may be in the gutter, but it's staring up at the stars haw.

I'm totally bored with being sick, and intend to be entirely SARS-free by this time next week. Mark my words! SARS-B-GONE! I went out for a little while tonight, and got an orangina and some Butter Pecan ice cream. Yum. Saw an apartment which my place could conceivably turn in to in another 15 years, cluttered floor to ceiling with really interesting esoteric junk. It was kind of a frightening museum of hoarded crap. Met an old dog who grumbled at me a lot, but let me pet him nonetheless. Thrill to my excitement!

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