caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,


Okay, hi!

I am indeed in the US, in my happy hometown, and I am still sick. This is really just annoying. I have a really sexy cough, a brilliantly snotty nose, a slight fever and head congestion that's going to make my ears explode. Hrmph.

I have been having truly messed up insanity illness dreams though, last night (blessings be to NyQuil) I had a crazy dream that started out as this weird nightmare about a bunch of New Hack City people taking over the rear half of my house in Santa Cruz and doing construction on it, refusing to leave. I called the police but wound up on a radio talk show instead with a woman clucking her tongue and saying she really didn't think there was anything I could do. Later on, I realized that the NHC kids were fixing the house and being nice. All was well. Also in the dream, I was importing coffee, avocados, corn and tomatoes from somewhere in Africa which mostly looked like Nevada. Um. Lots of wildlife in my dreams.

Anyhow i'm hoping to be better so I can, among other things, go to DG and like, see daylight, and you know, live.

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