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WOE is fuckin ME

hey! I am alive, somewhat. This is the first day this week I've felt well enough to leave my dingy hotel aside from brief trips to the offie for juice. SAD. I thought "Oh no, I've got SARSAIDS®" but then, I realised I was sniffly and sneezy and gobby and all the things SARS don't do, so OH WELL.

I'm in a fabulous internet 'cafe' near Camden Town, and I just ate a Salad and returned the mobile phone I was using while in London and wow WOW it's damned warm and sunny out. WOW. Like San Damn Franciscan or something. And the g key on this keyboard is sticky. Sticky with what, you ask? Best not to. I feel like the last part of this trip has been sort of a bummer, lolling around in my tiny hotel room watching oodles and oodles of BBC programming. A lot of kids programmes. I've had some really amazing fever dreams, and watched all sorts of freaks fight and scream from my little window.

The new Ali G show is kind of awesome and kind of not. Borat rocks my ass all the way, though. laaaahhjdshfskjshkjf.

Being all sick in a strange city alone? Kind of bites. XOXO

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