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Industry! Vodka!

So yeah, tonight was Industry at Jezebel's Joint, and it was good clean fun!

I drank vodkas, and took a mess of photos and met some people. Hoo-Ray.

dj rabbitron is the operator of his pocket calculator
-   d j   r a b b i t r o n  -

even dan's shoes are 45 percent evil!
evil, but in an approachable, Judy Blume kind of way

I love that deer-caught-in-the-headlights gaze
We totally dominated the comfy couch all night

raarrr later i crush tokyo
g r r

yo ho mateys shiver me timbers
Set sail for dick!

dj rabbitron in tha hizouse
My camera doesn't do well in low-light, but that's djrabbitron there

jamie is humping the corner pocket
I held my own, but I haven't played in years, so I lost like a bitch.

i am baffled by this pose!
my stunning camerawork and DJ Rabbitron

countdown to iraq
he protests!

countdown to iraq
I protest!

countdown to iraq^H^H^H^Hflavor!
he eats your protest!

countdown to iraq
he foments protest!

a nostalgic visit to ye olde hamstop (see www.milkycat.com/kommute.html for the 411)
we kept talking about ham all night so we stopped at hamstop for joyous hamphotos

countdown to iraq
more than long hair and beads, you need a SKULL AND SOME FUCKING BULLETS

to see the whole pile, go here now

We had a pretty good night, even though Joel was sleepy and not enough people were out on the dancefloor to allow for unselfconscious dancing. The music was awesome though, rabbitron played good stuff, as evidenced by this setlist. We were driven away when the Stone Temple Pilots came on, though.

Afterwards, we had some fun Tenderloin adventures eating 2am drunken pizza slices amidst some truly stunning (not in a good way) trannie prostitutes, many leering Palistinians and a guy who told us all about a Hip Hop show he saw on Sunday which was so Off The Hook it made him want to cry. He had a big white towel draped over his right shoulder for some unknown reason, but he was extremely friendly nonetheless! While we were waiting for the bus home, a pretty freaky guy approached us and looked us over sadly and said, "None of you believe in God, do you..." He looked troubled when I explained that I believed that other people believed in and found solace in a God, and wandered off to ask other people if they believed. Afterwards, Jamie exclaimed, "I love this town." and I said "I love it so much, I want to give it a Big Wet Hug." and then I thought a second and corrected myself, "I want to give it a big Dry Hump. I don't even know what a Wet Hug is."


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Mar. 19th, 2003 07:57 am (UTC)
Fancy Meeting You Here...
Great Set of Flicks! Ya gots, like, picture takin' talent n stuff!

Thanks for coming out! I'm glad you had fun last night!

I was kinda in a bad mood, so I hope I wasn't too much of an obnoxious and/or mean prig...

It was nice to meet ya and I Hope to see you "hamming" it up at the club again soon! [har har har]

Thanks for your support!

And I swear I had absolutely NOTHING to do with that STP shit! What the hell was she thinkin'? *retch*

-Rabbit of Tron
Mar. 19th, 2003 08:08 am (UTC)
I gotz maaad fotoskeeelz, y0
Ach holy crap man!

I was just about to post some kind of response to your rivetsquadgoongang thing, haha!

If you were mean/obnoxious, I was too drunk/oblivious to notice. You were plenty freundlich as far as I could tell. Except for your "Word Up" comment, biznatch. No bad mood can excuse that kind of behavior. I mean, for fuck's sake! Pshaw.

I was real cool after taking your photos, too. I almost tripped and fell all over the stairs as I turned to go. I RULE! 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL!

Yea! It was fun stuff and I'll be going again yes.
Mar. 19th, 2003 01:45 pm (UTC)
Those protest photos remind me of Milk & Cheese comix, for some reason. Also, "you need a SKULL AND SOME FUCKING BULLETS" made me larf out loud.
Mar. 19th, 2003 02:09 pm (UTC)
Well, it's my duty to hit that booty to entertain.

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