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So i'm planning on another super-responsible trip to Santa Cruz sometime this next week because I realize I need to take this home thing kind of seriously. I've been slacking a little this past month. Not that I didn't deserve a little break from it all, but... I could do better by my tenants.

I have some photos for you too.

enjoy some crystal meth, Iraq!
mass destruction! rarr!

I onwy want to wuv woo
wuv bear got himself all strung up

my housemate is bad-ass
waiting for the pixies movie which was sold out

yrz truly etc
waiting some more for the Pixies movie that didn't happen

and yet still more etc
waiting for the wave of mutilation

la rondalla stains and antlers, how depressing
this is a lovely little scene at La Rondalla

scary ceramic helicopter held by niffer
niffer asked me to photograph this item because she didn't want to buy it

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