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Yay, Death Guild was a whole lot of fun on Monday! I like the space at the Manhattan Lounge better than the Big Heart City or whatever back the last time I went, uh, dating myself here huh. I danced and that was good, and someone stopped me to tell me, "Your look is awesome!" Hey now. I had a few too many drinks on a far too empty stomach, and stumbled afterwards to New Sun Hong Kong for nourishing porridge and squid. We were going to stop in at The Lusty Lady (wolf whistle) but they were CLOSED for CLEANING. Damn.

hep's post reminded me to do something with the handful of fotokamera snaps I took the other night at Death Guild so, without further ado...

Long exposure dancing
I like the blues in this one

pink braids and stuff

mongo hate space invader
This shirt is so him, I gifted it to him by the end of the night.

hepkitten and some swishy lights outside of DG
hepkitten and some wacky swirling light things ACH DU LIGHTS!

hep and awesome hair girl outside DG
I think hep introduced me to her and I recall liking her but spaced on her name. Hello VODKA.

Loving you is easy cuz yr BEAUTY-FULL.