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drinky movie drink

I drank some tonight, but i'm not all hammered or anything.

I dragged Niffer to a goth/industrial birthday party event thing at Jezebel's Joint, and it was okay though we didn't really know anyone there, except for postmaudlin, she's one of the good ones, that one. It was fun to hang out a little with Niffer, and I even got to know the name of one of the mysterious shadowy figures from my Kommute days. I'd been seeing him and his girly at a million different clubs and shows around the city forever since then. What's odd is his girlfriend now calls herself Niffer as well! She gave me gum.

Before the gothdustrialness we went to see Lost in La Mancha, which was beautiful and very disheartening. Why doesn't hollywood just float Terry Gilliam all the fucking dosh he wants so he can make a million Baron Munchausens and Brazils. I mean, goddamn.

I drank blue things. The bartender wouldn't tell me anything aside from the fact that they're alcoholic, and he assured me there was no Gin in them. Ok, I guess. I also had a red thing. They come from tubes hanging over the bar, which is a nice way to get your inebriants.

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