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Well, it's been a nutty night of stealth sightseeing and nocturnal London exploration. It's all on account of I am returning home to San Francisco on Monday and have so many things I still want to do and see. I am seriously considering another trip in April.

Started by making the pilgrimage to the British Museum in the afternoon, had afternoon tea in a very pleasant-yet-sterile cafe/teria setting behind the big Museum Library dome thing, ate effete little sandwiches with the crusts cut off and scones with myum myom clotted cream. Saw hall after hall of stunning artifacts packed in to airtight glass cases. I lingered awhile and admired a statue of Aphrodite bathing, (closer view) for a long while, mostly the hands. We looked at this stuff too.

pippilina was really keen on seeing Viking artifacts and the Elgin Marbles. Dissapointingly, there was not much in the way of Viking booty, at least not as much as we'd have liked. The Parthenon Marbles were pretty awesome, though. I think it's a bit stupid to refer to them as 'marbles', but I digress.

The museum was open later than usual, so we got a good look at the Rosetta Stone and the Prison etchings of Piranesi before we were dizzy with museum head and remembered that we were supposed to fetch pip's huzband and head to the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) to see one of her micromusic chums playing live at a lektrogirl event. We walked a ways to Leicester Square and met up with piphub and enjoyed some Traditional English Cuisine before wandering down to the Mall for the event.

It was fun, I met some more micromusic kids and enjoyed the hipstergeekdom of the crowd a great deal. After hanging around there for a while we set off to do some stealthy ninjastyle sightseeing. All the usual suspects; the houses of Parliament, the Jewel Tower, Big Ben chiming at Midnight, the statue of Churchill looking all haggard. We walked across the Thames and down along the Queen's Walk and the South Bank area and I kept stopping to compulsively write postcards from various locations like the big tourist nerd I am which seemed to annoy pip and piphub. We wandered for hours, really, and I had all kinds of fun and saw all sorts of nooks and grannies.

We wound up cramming in just about every one of the required London landmarks in one night, what a spazout. We went to an all hours diner joint and then wandered some more, winding up in Islington. Sadly, piphub started to feel really poorly from the diner food and so we found the nearest applicable stop and waited for the buses to start running. We were next to Bunhill Fields, a cemetery. While we waited, a big long fox came leaping down from the cemetery fence and darted in to traffic, leapt back through the fence until the coast was clear and dashed out again, totally bold and ballsy. On the subject of wildlife, the songbirds here are t'riffic.

Everytime I think I know where North is, I keep finding myself completely turned around. I bought a little keyring with a compass and a celsius/fahrenheit thermometer in it and have had to consult it constantly while winding around the streets of London. This city is designed by madness.

Just heard a flock of noisy geese outside, and I am determined to stay up to watch the sun rise.

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