caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Everyday is like Sunday Bloody Sunday

Today was an alright day of adventure and purchases. pippilina and I struck out in search of the London Fetish Fair, uncertain of what, exactly, that would entail. We trudged grumpily through Islington, in the wind and the unexpected rain to discover that the fair was held in, essentially, a pub. It was in the middle of a huge chunk of horrible eastern bloc-styled council flats, 'estates', as they call them, and there was little else in the immediate vicinity. The event was small, but everyone was sort of sweetly engaging and unpretentious and warm. I bought a few small things, including one of those horrendous articulated claw rings that look like a cross between vampire goth and biker trash. Hahaha! Now I can outcheese the best of them.

We hung around there for a fairly short time and set off towards Camden town, since I hadn't seen the massive huge crazy Sunday market scene, and whoa nelly. There's so much more going on there during the weekends! It's like Haight Street married to a Street festival and a Flea Market rolled in to one. MASSIV! I made some more unwise-yet-awesome purchases, making me a big stupid consumer head. I got another pair of Swears, which brings the total up to 3 pairs, in case you're keeping count. This pair is almost subdued compared to the others, and hasn't a single lick of velcro. Also, they were on sale. Raaaah.

Pippilina and I spent a long time talking and drawing in a quiet blue pub called, strangely, Belushi's. We walked a while in the cold, and now we're back in Harringey talking about the Space Shuttle explody.

I saw a prostitute several times today just down the street, and oh man, skanky skanky. This neighborhood isn't exactly crackton, but we're talking honest streetwalkin' ladies of the night within spitting distance! Wow! How urban and edgy. I keep making special friends around here too, men who ask plainly if I want to go grind, or fuck, just like, as if they're doing a poll, or something. Aw. Sweetness and light!

Tomorrow we're going to go gawk and cringe at Body Worlds. Yay!

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