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So, we went to The Electric Ballroom, a reasonable venue (those of you in San Francisco can picture the Trocadero, if you like) which boasts a fairly illustrious history of punk acts and 'alternative' nightlife. The club was kind of cheesy, Full Tilt, all these confused raver kids with glowsticks jumping around to Killing Joke while older goths looked on. I got the sense that it was a pretty small scene, though the place was really crowded, it seemed like everyone was a regular, and I stood out among the burnt out scenesters, "mutton in lamb's clothing," pippilina kept saying.

It was still fun, don't get me wrong, and I got officially 'chatted up' by a couple of 'blokes', Adrian from Dublin and *mumbleyell*. They were very drunken, and essentially swooped down upon me the instant I was alone. Very creepy. They were fascinated with the fact I was from San Francisco, and Adrian from Dublin insisted that he was "horny, fucking horny, love!" He was charming enough, he kissed my hand once we were properly introduced, and then took my hand and placed it gently upon his crotch. Wotta gent. Haha! I politely declined the groinal invitation, and laughed at him. He said something about meeting outside by the papers, "after", but since we were standing next to the speakers while this all took place, I couldn't understand more than 20 percent of anything they said. Later on, after the club ended and the lights came up, I saw *mumbleyell* trying to kick his way in to some door, and then there was a big violent scuffle with security right next to me while I waited in the cloakroom line. Wonder what happened to horny Adrian from Dublin? London has some pretty insane drunks. Still, I wanted to try to get a photograph of them for posterity's sake, they had hairdos.

When we left, it was snowing again! I was wearing a short skirt and a corset and yet, when I put on my gigantic gangsta jacket, i looked like a sleepingbag stuck on top of tights and platform shoes. Still, my legs were cold. Crunching home in the fresh snow was a nice end to the evening, crunch crunch at 4am. Tonight there's a more promising club night, Slimelight. Shriek shriek!

I have a headache and hunger, time to go fix that.

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