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Cronch cronch

The snow stopped falling well before nightfall yesterday, but it was cold enough to last on the ground all day, causing traffic problems and nightmarish gridlock all around London. Luckily, as a pedestrian, I am subject to none of these inconveniences, and I struck out early this morning to wander around (cautiously) along Turnpike Lane seeking a new media card for my digital camera, bleach for my hair and Almond Oil.

I found a media card, which is surprising because it's one of the more obscure formats, and I was successful in bleachseeking, but the entire region seems to be completely cleaned out of Almond Oil. I got some Jasmine Oil instead at a really gigantic Indian grocer, so it wasn't a complete loss. I have been stocking up on creepy candy snack items to send home to my flatmates in the states, and I found some truly amazing items for that.

I wandered the side streets, stopping to photograph random interesting sights. I'm really enjoying the time I'm spending just walking around regular working-class London, just kind of exploring little nooks and crannies, funky shops and cafes. By the time I got back to Falkland road, my leg muscles were aching from the unfamiliarity of walking with painstaking, cautious little mincing steps, trying not to break my ass on the pavement.

I am proud to say that I haven't fallen down once in the ice and sludge! My new Swear shoes make reasonable snow shoes, I guess.

Tonight, it's clubtime. I know nothing much about the place we're going, but it's easy to get to, and the mix of music seems passable. Hopefully it's fun!

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