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London... Party tonight

Well i'm kind of hiding out from the party scene, there are only a few people here, but the DJ started about an hour ago. Sadly, the music is pretty bad, just noisy Hard House. I'm not a musical snob, but this stuff is pretty dull compared to some great trance i've danced to in the past. Piff. He was mixing in some Justin Timberlake for a while, but that seems to have passed.

I'm not really in a party mood, I'm a little bit shy and hyper and might take a walk to check out a 14th century tower and a spooky graveyard that's nearby. SpooOooOoOoOO0ky.

I have drugs I could take which would probably enhance my enjoyment factor, but I'm not totally decided on that. It can be strange meeting a bunch of people while full of psychotropic drugs, innit!

I could always change my outfit and head off to Slimelight, but that might be better next weekend, I don't really know much about it, aside from the fact that it's members only and to go in without a membership you have to get someone to sign for you, or something. Weird...

I guess some more people have arrived, maybe it'll pick up and I'll wind up dancing and drugged-up out with the punters. Buh huh!

Today I went to a bunch of thrift shops with pip and got a scary nightmare dolly and a freakishly adorable little ceramic mouse thing. I sent a postcard to Dozer and Bela, the cats back in San Francisco, because I'm a crazy cat lady! If i'm not too overhuhng in the morning we might go to the open markets and see all that Camden has to offer. I think I definitely need to get more Cyberdog stuff.

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