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Moody christmas.

I rented some movies, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Amadeus and Gosford Park. Hooked up my christmas gift, a purple Gamecube, and spent hours playing Animal Crossing. Cute! Fun! A good gift indeed.

I'm unhappy about things. Thought about dressing up and going to Bondage a Go-Go tonight, but I couldn't muster up the energy and gumption to bother. I should be distracting myself in as many ways as I can think, but it's difficult.

    [2002:12:26:00:54] Mistress Kamio: so my christmas kind of sucks a lot
    [2002:12:26:00:55] Garote: arrrgh
    [2002:12:26:00:55] Garote: I'm sorry to hear that :(
    [2002:12:26:00:56] Mistress Kamio: yeh
    [2002:12:26:00:56] Mistress Kamio: well i gave candycanes and chocolate to strangers last night because they seemed sadder than me
    [2002:12:26:00:56] Garote: awww :)
    [2002:12:26:00:56] Mistress Kamio: gave a bunch of stuff to people walking down the street
    [2002:12:26:00:56] Garote: See,
    [2002:12:26:00:56] Mistress Kamio: candy and crap
    [2002:12:26:00:56] Garote: reason #4904920394 why you rock.

That cheered me up considerable. FLATTERY = GLEE. Thanks, garote!