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krissmiss eve

I am feeling a little down, sure, holidaywise, but otherwise I managed to file my passport application *yust in the nick of time* to hopefully get it before I fly to London. And I bought egg nog and brandy. I know exactly nothing about brandy, so I probably bought something hideous. Haw!

The contractor, for whom I awoke after roughly 2 hours of sleep, wound up calling and begging off and making with the mewly apologies. He's a little squirrelly, he keeps mentioning "that big fat check" i'm due to pay him once work is completed. Maybe he thinks I don't have the dosh? Anyhow, I am still wondering if he's just goofy or kind of shifty, or what.

Last night was pretty fun, going dancing, though I didn't have a lot of dance energy, I was in a more talking and watching mood.

People are pretty in-your-face with this merry christmas crap. I smile and nod and all because hey, people are drunk and they might punch me.