caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

romper stomper

Decided, with prompting from a friend to go down to gawth night at the Blue, otherwise known as The Box. It was an alright evening, a little slower than most, but I danced a bit and got to talk a lot with the afformentioned friend, and other folks. Got a ride home with Charlie after very garlicky vegetarian chili cheese fries at Saturn and a really unflattering couple of kinko's passport photos.

Drank a really whopping thing at the Red Room, a Ginger Thai, this supersweet cocktail involving lime juice and ginger-infused vodka, yum yum. I handled my liquor far better tonight, and it helped to deal with the insane frigid cold while walking back to the Blue. Yaaaawn. Now i'm drinking water to prevent becoming terribly overhung in the morrow, and sort of dreading the 8:00 am contractor stomp hammer stomp hammering.

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