caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Work actually progressed on the house today, and the contractor did all kinds of crazy stuff, demolition to rebuild, in a matter of hours. It's not finished, but it's solid and it's whole.

I took a nap mid-morning and awoke to the alarming sounds of the wall-sized window being removed not 10 feet from where I lay, and the contractor and his wacky sidekick were talking all kinds of smack about this-and-that, but they kept saying how it was a nice change to work for someone "cool". Huh. Then I had to enter dramatically, sweeping aside the curtain which is posing as a door between the area of destro-construction and say "Uhh, good morning!" before too long. Didn't want to eavesdrop, really, it wasn't all that juicy. They took a break to gawk at my scary shoes and measure the platforms. Five inches! Goddamn, girl! You'll break your neck! I'd be tripping all over the place in those. Sheesh!

Saw a rainbow during a strange cloudburst when most of the sky was blue. Talked a while with youtsk while we both pissed and moaned. Therapeutic pissmoaning! Loafed around and read, watched a cheesy HBO Vagina Monologues thing (cunt cunt CUNT) and most of a vietnamese movie called Cyclo.

Kind of a boring sleepy day, but I got a lot of crap done in between the lolling.

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