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This is really long, so

[2002:11:29:12:31] Kaffeinatrix: I had a weird dream about you
[2002:11:29:12:31] pippilina: alas
[2002:11:29:12:31] Pippilina: oooh was i pushing a big donut? what happened?
[2002:11:29:12:33] Kaffeinatrix: no, we were all in your little cottage which was in germany, and some people showed up, a math guy who was old and funny and his wife, and he wanted to play this weird game with you and then more people showed up and i was getting frustrated because people were speaking german or icelandic everywhere and you were totally fluently conversing and i was barely able to follow along
[2002:11:29:12:34] Pippilina: weird!
[2002:11:29:12:35] Pippilina: heee
[2002:11:29:12:35] Pippilina: what was the game like?
[2002:11:29:12:36] Kaffeinatrix: hold on
[2002:11:29:12:36] Pippilina: goddamn i like serge gainsbourg, i remember u and archie tried to expose me to it last year, but woo i really dig it
[2002:11:29:12:36] Kaffeinatrix: and then these cute cute kids were teaching me to say "Du Hast Mich" to say "I don't know" and they kept repeating it and laughing at me trying to pronounce it, and so I was trying my best saying "Heyrst?"
[2002:11:29:12:37] Kaffeinatrix: and then this little girl with no front teeth was lisping "Haaarrrssshht!" and i would repeat, it went on a long time, and then i was like "I'm on to you!" and i started singing the Laibach song to her and some more women showed up
[2002:11:29:12:38] Pippilina: HAHAHAH oh my god!!!
[2002:11:29:12:38] Kaffeinatrix: so uh, the game was something like Go with all these piles and piles of calculations and you never got around to playing it, actually, and you seemed really kind of distracted and bummed out, mostly
[2002:11:29:12:38] Pippilina: wow thats really vivid, you have such wicked dreams
[2002:11:29:12:38] Kaffeinatrix: and you were looking out this window and i was bumming around the house looking at stuff you piled up to throw away and a lot of the stuff was parts of the cottage, which you rented, and it was like, antique and really nice, so i encouraged you to put it in to a drawer somewhere and you agreed, reluctantly
[2002:11:29:12:39] Pippilina: haaarrshhht
[2002:11:29:12:39] Kaffeinatrix: and then i eventually had too much of the stuff
[2002:11:29:12:39] Pippilina: crazy
[2002:11:29:12:39] Pippilina: ive been thinking aobut germany a lot lately
[2002:11:29:12:40] Pippilina: especially cheap in berlin
[2002:11:29:12:40] Kaffeinatrix: and so i came over to you and you had this weird lamp and you were sitting all glum away from where everyone was hanging out, in this little alcove with your knees up, like resting your chin on your arms across your knees like a GOTH and i came over, feeling all maternal and weird and tried to show you some of the stuff
[2002:11:29:12:40] Pippilina: *wow*
[2002:11:29:12:40] Pippilina: like agoth! ! ! damn this is a cool dream. i wish i could have seen it
[2002:11:29:12:41] Kaffeinatrix: but i accidentally set a bunch of the stuff on fire and so we started cramming more and more of it in to the lamp and it made this acrid nasty smelly plastic burny smell
[2002:11:29:12:41] Kaffeinatrix: i was at a weird bar after that trying to get my passport and visa stamped but my passport was like a sketchbook
[2002:11:29:12:41] Pippilina: ackk!
[2002:11:29:12:41] Pippilina: wow likea sketchbook that is so from dreamland!
[2002:11:29:12:42] Kaffeinatrix: and all these young hip 22 year old women punkrock poseur girls were looking at it and saying Wow, wow, that's really... great... but they were kind of sarcastic, and i didn't know how to read them because they were so overdone and cheesy
[2002:11:29:12:43] Kaffeinatrix: the passport guy made me sign a bunch of the little stampy squares in the passport, here, sign here, sign here, initial here
[2002:11:29:12:44] Kaffeinatrix: it was weird! and then Penn was there eating two giant chicken fried steaks next to me, and i was grossed out but he made it look REALLY YUMMY and so i was like watching hungrily, and i asked if i could have a bite, just a little, and then it became weirdly sexual
[2002:11:29:12:44] Kaffeinatrix: and so we headed off to fuck somewhere
[2002:11:29:12:44] Pippilina: Penn the magician?!
[2002:11:29:12:44] Pippilina: whoahahha that RULES!
[2002:11:29:12:44] Kaffeinatrix: (i'm not making this up) YEah from penn and teller! But he was younger. I watched a couple minutes of a biography thing on A&E last night before sleep
[2002:11:29:12:45] Pippilina: trippy ! ! !
[2002:11:29:12:45] Kaffeinatrix: so we wandered off but everything was post-apocalyptic, and futuristic like bladerunner, all desolate and tons of homeless kids all gutterpunky sleepingbags in the street
[2002:11:29:12:45] Kaffeinatrix: and suddenly people were kind of trying to kill us
[2002:11:29:12:45] Pippilina: your brain must have all these things all jumbly up in yo haid
[2002:11:29:12:45] Kaffeinatrix: yea
[2002:11:29:12:45] Kaffeinatrix: :)
[2002:11:29:12:46] Pippilina: thats exactly how your trip here in january will be!!!
[2002:11:29:12:46] Pippilina: i download the magnetic feelds
[2002:11:29:12:46] Pippilina: tell me some other kamio music to download
[2002:11:29:12:47] Kaffeinatrix: so we hastened up and kind of ran to his house, which was a converted drive-in restaurant or something, and it was totally exposed, lots and lots of windows, and i was like "Oh, yeah, pff, we'll be safe here sheesh" and there was a sign that said something about the society for reclamation of pop culture or something
[2002:11:29:12:48] Kaffeinatrix: and then there was a molotov cocktail and i got really freaked out about it hitting me and burning my clothes, so i woke up
[2002:11:29:12:48] Kaffeinatrix: ~fin~
[2002:11:29:12:49] Pippilina: jesus christ!
[2002:11:29:12:49] Pippilina: that would make a great comic
[2002:11:29:12:49] Kaffeinatrix: ah hahaha! i am going to post to livejournal

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