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fuh fuh fun

So, still in Santa Cruz, cleaning, packing, heaving and hefting boxes. Dusty cobwebby! Still much more work left on the house, but things feel a lot more manageable now. Or maybe i'm just deluding myself. Garrett is crashing in Captain Fuckup's old room for the time being, and it's cool having him around. He helped clean up a bunch of the random junk Capt. Fuckup left behind, even! Bonus Points for Hard Physical Labor!

Tonight, Kerri mentioned that she was toying with the idea of going to this local goth dance club night thing, The Box at The Blue Lagoon downtown and I egged her on and said yeah yeah yeah lessgo!

So, we went, and she got all dressed up in a long flowy gown and everything but I just wore my usual stuff and piled on a lot of eyeliner. I called up my friend Christian and got him to meet up with us down there. I flaked out on him mulllltiple times recently, like the cold fucking bitch that I am, and happily he was free tonight! I miss hanging out and talking smack with him. It was cool, I got to talk to a bunch of old friends, people I have been thinking of but hadn't made the leap to actually keep in touch.

I have been going through so much history lately, coming across old letters, old photos. Nostalgia overdose! I keep wondering where people are now and what they're doing. Somehow I expect everyone to be kicking ass and changing the world. Fuckers should call me up, yo. And all my longlost friends should have webpages, too, like Yarry and Charlie. And not just the Santa Cruz people, either. Where are all the amazing random people I met through CSSSA?

I danced, too! I generally don't dance much when I go to clubs, I kind of hover, take photos, talk and peoplewatch. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun dancing actually, once I forced myself to be unselfconscious enough to enjoy it. Kerri danced a lot more than I did, and she was cool to hang out with, I get along with her really well, which is kind of interesting since she's dating my ex, and i'm her slumlord. Heh.

I took a bunch of cool photos tonight, but I'm going to have to get back to SF and my "real" computer before I can show them off.

Also, I'm a little drunken. I drank a few girly drinks, yum yummers. Joel called just as I got home to tell me that he was heading out to Alamo Square to watch the Leonids, so I'm about to go take a blanket and lay on the grass and let the hours pass and watch the skies fall.

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