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I'm going down to Santa Cruz later tonight, getting a ride down with my housemate so happily I won't have to spend 3 hours in transit. I'm really nervous about going to court. I'm pretty sure everything will work out, but i'm worrying about what to wear, worried i'll screw it up somehow or other.

Also, it's really really cold. I've been playing Final Fantasy X lately, good fun, pretty easy stuff compared to other FF games. Yesterday wasn't bad, I got a new cel phone without a lot of difficulty, and then Joel and I decided to go in to Circuit City just to take a look around, and we were unsurreptitiously and obnoxiously followed from the moment we entered the store. So, as we left, I stole something, a little promotional badge thing that says "ASK ME ABOUT METROID PRIME" for Joel. He thanked me profusely and got all gushy when I gave it to him. That oughta show them, huh!

I just dress weird, I don't look like some shoplifting junk-addled fiend or anything, and what's more, I actually have discretionary funds to spend on just the sort of crap they sell. I hate the implication that i'm a thief. I wonder what would happen if I said "Hey, look, here's my fucking wallet, feel free to count the bills, I am not in here to rip you off so you can stop shadowing me and go back to restocking the adult DVD titles or i'm going to walk out of here and take my business elsewhere"? And then i'd kick them in the neck. That whole "i'll take my business elsewhere" tactic is kind of impotent, I guess, but the neck-kick would drive the point home.

I want to get my tattoo soon. I think I'm going to get two, actually.

I made some new LJ user pictures, woo woo, go see how vain I am. I should point out that the user pic with the cowboy octopus says "kiru tako kiru" or "kill octopus kill".

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