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i am a big copycat poseurhead

So, in my boredom, thanks to hep I rediscovered http://www.antispin.net/~martine/cgi-bin/insanity.cgi?caffeina, a cool cgi which dredges through your livejournal entries (try it! just enter your lj name after the .cgi?) and slaps together wackiness for example:

    We stopped and wandered around along the next to make my paperwork and went and Luke and fine me and jumped on his list of conversations and make me! Yay! Life has a lot of cool I want all the roots out a theatre waiting around the other paperwork together to decline, but there's blah addressing blah addressing issues blah blah blah addressing issues blah blah. I went a bunch of them. I will all be in a lot of recharged, refreshed by a long exhaustive list after I just keep not likely; phhhhbt, I had wanted to downtown, get the slim hope to be over and asked how the clerk guy and retarded he decides is kind of us to deal with the tenant his living here!