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I was trying to update my journal the other day, and I had a great huge entry all entered in but I did something and it disappeared, lost forever. Frustrating!

Life has been king of frustrating lately, in general. Trying to deal with this eviction thing and contractors and legal stuff and accountants, it's a neverending cycle of a tiny bit of progress followed by a bunch of disagreeable surprises, obstacles and confusion. Tsk!

Today I was going to the county building to try to request a hearing in the eviction case (the tenant guy responded to my complaint by "generally denying everything" in it. whatever dude) So, I was sure that i'd gotten everything done that needed doing, but, again, I was misinformed. Gah. So, it's a minor one day setback in this case, at least, and they were nice enough to not make me start the whole thing over, or anything. All I need is to get another signature on a copy of a document. Pheeew.

After that nonsense, I wandered through the creepy-yet-lovely park, and listened to another strange message from my friend archie, he was doing his Irvine Welsh chapters for me. He's been calling and leaving long chapters of his made-up Irvine Welsh novel on my voicemail for the past couple of days, in a thick scottish accent. I luv archie. He's creative and weird and fun.

The geese were all bunched together near the path I was on, so I stopped and took several photos of them, until they got annoyed and honked and scampered off. I also saw a guy who was kind of a human torso rolling around along the path, and a couple of horses chewing on grass near the river's edge. From my perspective on the bridge, it looked like they were unescorted, wild horses, but the riders were nearby picnicking under a tree with the saddles and gear.

I took a roll of photos around the property of all the engine bits and pieces, the oilstains, dead batteries, buckets of strange solvents and gascans next to overflowing ashtrays. Kind of as a bit of documentation as to one of the many reasons I want this guy to leave. I dropped the film off and headed over to the little hardware store to get a voltage tester and a studfinder yeah baby. The clerk guy recognized me, and asked how the house projects were going. I like smalltown interactions sometimes more than bigtowns.

I got some junk at the art supply store and had a really mighty mocha before I picked up my photos and jumped on the bus to come home. I think i'll be down here for a few more days, but I am definitely heading back to the city before my birthday which is cough-cough THURSDAY. I am kind of dreading it, becoming the big 30 thing. But everyone says I look much younger, so I gobble that flattery up and surreptitiously pump my head fulla botox. Whoop!

Kerri's making tapioca and she's gonna let me have some. Tapioca has weird mouthfeely properties. I prefer rice puddin'.

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