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Well, the weather is definitely a lot more to my liking today, at least!

I got my first real frightful look at just how condemnable, deteriorated and code-violatingly bad the rear portion of the house (sort of a recreationally repurposed porch/sunroom area which my mom used to rent out to students and suchlike) has gotten, wow. Um, wow wowow.

I was trying to address the complaints of my soon-to-be-former tenant by getting estimates on replacing windows, but as I got a good look around (tenant guy CLEANED some!~!! Whoa! Cool!) for the first time, the contractor and I both came to the conclusion that windows were the very least of my concerns in that section of the house. I need to deal with the basic structure and support of the sagging floors and crooked walls and retarded, confusing construction first. And termites. It seems that this entire neighborhood is horribly infested by the little homewreckers and everyone up and down the block has been tenting. I want to try to avoid tenting, and have found one of the only pest control guys in the book who claims to be "eco-minded".

Fun! Scary! I am considering demolishing the porch room, if it seems like the expense of remodeling would be really jaw-droppingly high, but i don't know until someone with a better sense of such things comes and kicks stuff and raises eyebrows and such.

I called a few contractors, and now i'm trying to decide what I should attack first. I think a lot of the problem is that there is a lot of junk belonging to the badguy, and i want it cleaned up, but i'm kind of scared of approaching him right now about anything like that. He's gruff and stompy and ginormous. Yeek.

Yah well. I am going to kick back for a little while and try not to think about this stuff.

I woke up to a really cool song on KZSC that i'd never heard before, and sat up in bed wowing at the lyrics. I scribbled some down and went online to figure out who it was, and it turned out to be Bright Eyes, who i'd heard before, but I wasn't terribly impressed, until now. I think I'll go get their new album, even.

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