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So, the evil tenant came home a while ago, and I was happy because I had some good news for him and a carefully written letter and everything and he was totally smug and snide and retarded in response. I went a step further to point out a few of the landlordly things i'd done around the house and he was all dismissive and rude. Oh well! I win because I am so megalandladily cool and collected.

He can fuck the hell off! Yay!

garote is heading in to Santa Cruz later tonight and Luke and Kerri graciously agreed to offer him their big squishy futon for the night. Nice of them! He's really cool, I am happy that i'll be renting my old bedroom to someone fun and weird and smart.

He also invited all of us to head over to Saratoga (just over the hill a bit from Santa Cruz for those who don't know dick about the bay area) to see Spirited Away with him, but with everyone up since dawn, tired, Kerri being sick and all of us losers having to get up early in the morrow, I had to decline, but it was nicenice of him to offer.

People are generally not horrible! Yay!

Now I am overwarm and bored. I bought some acrylic cheapo paints, maybe I should mess around with them or something equally creative. Or maybe I'll huff some more paint.

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