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My future is coming on

I'm down in Santa Cruz, being a horrible evil landlady. Yuck. I've got the paperwork together to mount a formal eviction, but i'm still holding out the slim hope that this guy will start dealing with his stuff and make an effort to leave without my having to get all litigious and shiznit.

Not likely. He threatened to get housing inspectors to come in and fine me, or something, and says he refuses to pay rent until his list of complaints is dealt with - I already served him 30 days notice, about 30 days before he wrote the letter, so I think he's just trying to make my life difficult. Bleh. At least i'm doing everything legally, above the board, and whatnot.

Let me just say that this is horrible and I never ever want to evict anyone ever again. Sigh.

I've been watching a lot of movies and enjoying the relative peace and quiet of suburban Santa Cruz. There's an adorable tiny baby kitten (his name is, for now, Captain Marmalade, but that may change) who likes to tussle and nurse. Kittens are very entertaining! I'm getting along well with Luke and Kerri, and we joke around a lot, and i'm trying to be a good houseguest as best as I can. I'm not sure how long I will have to stay down here, so i'm being nice and stuff. Maybe I should cook a pie or something.

Landlord trivia of the day: Landlords are supposed to pay for and provide lightbulbs! Who knew!

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