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niam niam

Today was a pretty good day!

It was totally icky and hot, but that's about the only downer. First thing I saw this morning as I sat on my front steps was a really odd scene; A car pulled up and stopped in the bus zone, which isn't unusual due to the lack of parking around here, and the passenger got out and headed to the corner Coffee Shop. A few moments later, he came galumphing out, running with what I thought was a large bag of bagels or something. As he ran, he started to tip forward and lose his balance, regain it, stumble, tip forward again and sprawl dramatically on the ground, chucking his cargo in to the street where it landed with a jarring CRASH of glass and violence! Wow! He then lept up and dove in to the car and they SPED OFF. Very odd! A large group of people started picking up the glass and whatever else there was, and then I realized that this guy had run in to ROB the place of the freaking Tip Jar! And he had a getaway car!! Talk about Karma! So, with the help of some good samaritan type bystanders, all of the tip money was reclaimed and I came to find out later that the cafe employees called the cops and warned them about a possible cafe tip jar crime spree. Hahaha.

After that excitement, I got ready and went with Joel and my cool-mo-dee housemate to see an early matinee of Spirited Away at the Kabuki, the theatre in the Japan Center shopping megathing. and happily, it wasn't the dubbed version. Yay! We had to read for our entertainment. K-razy. It's a great, great movie. I was totally caught up in it.

Afterwards, we headed upstairs to Kinokuniya, the big japanese bookstore, and I got a copy of a recent issue of FRUiTS, the latest Gothic & Lolita Bible (though I feel a little ashamed of that) and a really strange art manga called Cinderalla by a really perverted artist named Junko Mizuno. It's pretty cool. I also got a really extravagant design book, because, hey, it's what I do. It's a big meaty 10 year anniversary boxed thing from IdN magazine, and it's a huge thing, really dense eyecandy. Joel got another big snazzy boxed book they put out called iconography. We spent some time flipping through it, and I came away wishing that I'd picked up a copy of that one, too. They both come with cd-ROMs full of fonts. FONTS are GO!

We ate some sushi at the sushi boat restaurant (i am sensing a Japanese theme here) and drank some tea, then we wandered through the supermarket there and I stocked up on Golden Curry packets because they're Oishii!! Besides which, they're just over $1 each. Bargain curry tasty treat! The store was completely out of Kissmint for Skinfresh, and when I complained about the lack of "for skinfresh", Joel made fun of me for saying "foreskin fresh", what a kidder.

Then we walked around lugging heavy bags and decided the hell with that nonsense, and got a cab. The cab driver kept looking at me oddly in the rearview after I made a comment about Westside Cuts & Styles (a hair place nearby) being the barber shop formerly known as "Hair Jordan's Steve-O Styles" (*no relation to the Steve-o on Jackass*). I don't know if I offended or impressed him, his expression was very cryptic. The rest of the evening was spent cooling down, reading and playing PS2 games. And that about brings us up to now.

In other, older news
I recently learned that the tenant I had given (ample)60+ days notice has apparently chosen to try to stay and fight the eviction. That's totally understandable, but it's still pretty uncool. I am really not your average horrible slumlord. I am studying up with my handy online Landlord's Guide pdf and preparing to get papers served by the sherrif and for possible court dates in the near future. Hopefully it will work out, but in the meantime, Grr grr grr. Sigh sigh sigh.

I recently discovered that my beloved eyemodule2 handspring camera dealie can do little quicktime movies, so I right away made some goofy movies of the cats, and my head, and stuff. The filesize is atrocious, but here:


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Sep. 21st, 2002 09:22 am (UTC)
Sounds like a wild day. Tip jar crime spree indeed! Hope they catch the asshole. Golden Curry packets sounds delish, what are they? And I loved your little movies :)
Sep. 21st, 2002 09:37 am (UTC)
Golden Curry is a super-easy japanese foodstuff, it comes in a foil pouch, you boil it for a few minutes and serve it with noodles, or rice, or tofu, or whatever. It tastes totally unlike an indian curry, and even the HOT HOT style is pretty tame, but i've grown very fond of it.

yarr matey thar be curry yarr-harr
niam niam

The tip jar bandito didn't make off with any money, so I doubt the police are even looking for him. Tsk.
Sep. 21st, 2002 09:39 am (UTC)
I bet the tip jar guy feels like a dumbass right about now. Do you think his friends will ever let him live that one down?

I love your movies. They are so cute.
Sep. 21st, 2002 05:21 pm (UTC)
cat cat cat cat CAT cat cat CAT CAT cat
cat cat CAT

Sep. 24th, 2002 02:30 am (UTC)
with a name like caffeinatrix, how could i not add you to my friends list...cheers!
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