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I haven't been keeping up with my livejournal duties, and what's weird is that I have all sorts of noteworthy stuff to report, too. I've just been very introspective, kind of processing things, I guess.

One very cool thing is that I've been painting. Those who know will find this piece of news very surprising indeed, as I've been suffering some kind of artistic lethargy for some time now. It may have been sparked by my confronting the piles and heaps of art in my old studio in Santa Cruz. I'm not questioning it, really, i'm just happy to have ideas again, and relieved to know that my skills haven't abandoned me in the meantime. Hooray, art!

Sorting through all my old papers was an interesting experience. Like opening up a time capsule. Old letters, boxes of old doodles and collages, old schoolwork, photographs. I got all nostalgic and started wondering where all my old friends are now, all of us growing up, or trying not to. I think I might try to contact some of those people, hope that they can be found somehow. The most interesting stuff I went through were the old unsent letters i'd written. Better than any journal, documenting my odd little phases and ideas.

Evicting someone is hard. We talked it over and I agreed to give him plenty of time to find a new place, and he seems a lot more calm about it than I would ever be. It still sucks, makes me feel like I'm shoving him out on to the street. Really, i'm not. The construction/renovation work is almost finished, and it looks really good. I'm glad that this stuff is finally getting finished up. Then it'll be on to the next job!

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