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somebody needs a hug!

Jeez it's such a stupid 3+ hour ordeal getting between Santa Cruz - San Francisco, it almost makes spending one day up here kind of not really worth it... Oh well. I'm enjoying my room, my cats, playing with my computer. It's good. And I got to see Joel lasternight and Archie is going to head back down to SC with me to help out with the house.

One hitch though, the landlord has been getting some painting done on the back end of the house, scaffolding, the whole deal. The only problem is that he has his drunken russian handyman doing the paint job and for some reason he decided to mangle and cut my phone line, which goes around a corner and down the alleyway. Damnit. So now, i'm leaving town tomorrow and everything, and won't be back for a week or more, and I can't hang around to deal with Pacbell or anything. Stupid! At least I have a cel phone that kind of works. I think it's time to get a new one, the display doesn't work, but it was well worth $20.

Hm. What else is new... I got a lot of eBay junk in my absence, so I had a stack of packages to open. eBay is a sick, sick addictive substance. I got lots of cool stuff, though, cheap. But like, as if I needed more stuff. Pshhh.

I want to smoke opium. It may never happen, but it'd be nice.

Next week, a friendly guy informed me, the street my house is on will be doing a big block sale, and he invited me to participate, and I probably will. I might make some tasty money what with the JUNK and CRAP I have everywhere.

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