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Today was mostly a wasted day, I had to wake up frightfully early to deal with the contractors and cut them a check, and though I tried to stay awake, I failed. I took a nap, and woke up mid-afternoon. Tsk, tsk. I was planning on heading up to SF today, also, but the contractors are coming to work this weekend, which is a good thing, having one bathroom for everyone next week would be pretty annoying. So i'm going back to SF tomorrow. No big whup.

I was happy to see that the Royal Carpet Alyssum seeds I spread around the chunk of soil in front of the house a few days ago has begun to sprout already. AS IF BY MAGIC. All these cute little 2-leaf sprouts. I also discovered that some kind of weedy flower had taken over a rosebush, and I thought it was lost, but today I noticed all kinds of new growth on it, now that it isn't strangled by the other plant. The snapdragons are doing alright, and the honeysuckle has yet to bloom, but all is well in my little garden plot.

Yesterday, I was painfully bored, so I spent a while on the phone with my old friend (he's not old, he's my age, but we've known each other since we were 15 or so, scary!) Cheyenne, while he was supposedly working. We played catch-up for a while, and then I said that we should hang out sometime, so he wound up coming over here and we spent a long time talking about politics and getting very, very stoned. Yay! I spent about 20 minutes watching the sun set and twilight set in and became very introspective after he left. All this blast-from-the-past stuff has made me happier than I thought it would. It's good that i've managed to retain a few really good friends through my whole weird anti-social self-absorbed phases, and I want to try to be more of a friend in return, or something.

Joel got his labret re-pierced today, and he called me, moaning and pouty and swollen. I guess it hurt about 30 times worse than the initial piercing. Poor thing!

It occurs to me that I am going to turn 30 soon. Wow. I so don't have my shit together! I am perpetually 19, or something.

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