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Happily, today isn't oppressively hot and muggy like yesterday. That was nasty. Every time I go out in the sun for longer than 10 minutes, I get this weird allergic rash on my arms and ankles. I guess I am just a pale, delicate flower, or some kind of pallid, photosensitive mutant.

I got some good news today from the contractor, when they ripped up the floor in the bathroom, the joists weren't termite-infested or rotten! Hoo-ray! The other bathroom, the water closet half-bath was another story entirely. The joists under the toilet were gone, leaving nothing but the plumbing and weak floor boards holding up the toilet. Uh! Alarming! I started getting really worried when I gazed down in to the hole that was the bathroom, mentally calculating the enormous expense of repairing and replacing all the rotting, chewed up floor joists throughout the house. Luckily, it seems that the rotting floor issues are mostly confined to the rooms with leaky plumbing. The work is going along well, they've installed the new plumbing for the shower/tub and the wiring for the exhaust fan. There's a near-constant din of construction going on, but it's still a lot more quiet and serene around here than I am accustomed to.

The flowers I planted in front of the house are starting to bloom and spread out a bit, though the honeysuckle has yet to sprout any new growth. It looks lush and happy, though, I think. I really don't know what i'm doing out there. I just dig around in the dirt and toss things in and water them, hoping they don't die. I spread a bunch of seeds around, but I am skeptical. I'm also impatient. It's oddly rewarding, just the same.

I had a really bizarre dream about the cafe next door to my apartment up in the city. I dreamt that the cafe was just a front for a strange brothel, and all the men and women were dancing around in rubber and spandex clothes which looked like greco-roman wrestling uniforms. It was actually a really sily happy dream, all full of kinky whatnots. I am weird.

I finished reading the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster last night, and now i've got to find a new book to read. There are thousands here to choose from, at least. Maybe i'll go root through some boxes.

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