caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

So, today the contractors showed up to begin work on the bathroom/laundryroom/water closet project. They'll be doing the massive demolition work first, ripping out the mushy floors and walls. Hoo-ray.

The rest of the day will be full of all kinds of errands. I have to pick out the tile and plumbing fixtures for the bathrooms, do laundry, stuff like that. Luke leaves town tonight, but he's offered to drive all over town to help out. Very nice. But then, I helped him bleach and dye his hair. I AM THE WORLD'S MOST AWESOME LANDLADY!

I always have trouble sleeping the night before a busy day, and last night was a real hum-dinger. I woke up pretty early, however, and immediately began administering large doses of caffeine to prevent myself from lapsing back in to slumber. Yay insomnia.

Last night, I dreamt that I worked at a really beautiful, pristine beach resort where people would swim and crawl around in the sand while glutting themselves on candy, lobster and meat. Before long, the entire beach was covered in garbage, blood and bones. Then a storm blew in, and these huge waves were battering the beach, and all the vacationers suddenly galumphed back out to sea like enormous elephant seals, covered in filth.

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