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Long day

Today, I got to spend most of the day traveling to Santa Cruz, on buses. No more weekend CalTrain until they finish work on the tracks for the baby bullet. It took a while. I wound up getting in to Santa Cruz about an hour late, and had to make many apologies to Luke, who was picking me up at the metro. Boo.

I was supposed to come back down yesterday, but I had a splitting horrible headache for most of the day and wound up sleeping a lot, missing the last train. Naughty.

I got to sit next to a really entertaining crazy guy on the bus from San Jose, which made the stop-and-go tourist traffic on 17 a little more amusing. He started talking the instant I sat down across from him and didn't stop until after the bus had stopped about 2 hours later. He kept talking about his new invention, an ultra-lightrail bus that could run on train tracks and utilized solar and wind (which he stressed was really, at the core, solar power as well) power to run a flywheel energy device. I nodded and smiled while he rambled and popped a number of colorful pills in to his mouth and commented about everything from the trees along the highway to the numerous products he'd invented over the years. When I pulled a bottle of Vitamin Water out of my bag and took a sip he jumped excitedly and said "OH! Oh Yes! Vitamin Water, I invented that!"

He was very far off his nut, but in a friendly, funny, intelligent sort of way. And his luggage consisted of an enormous rubbermaid garbage can with a lock on it. Wow!

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