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Okay so i've been out of touch...

Life has settled in to a comfortable little eddy of copacetic goo. I really don't have that much going on, or all that much to say about it. What's happened lately:

I got a new blanket, which is a big deal for some reason. It's very warm, needs to be broken in, and is purple. But not an offensive purple, it's nice. I dumped my old threadbare down comforter in the trash and sniffled a little, it's been there for me, warming my toes lo these many years, and I unceremoniously dump it in the trash and mash it down under some banana peels. Hm.

I watched, and enjoyed, my copy of the STEVE-O VIDEO. I also got a copy of one of the crazy-assed CKY videos for 9 bucks at Amoeba, and it's hilarious, well worth the 9 bucks. I have absolutely no shame about my thorough enjoyment of this brand of entertainment. I think it's better than watching sitcoms, anyhow.

I have been eating a lot of bell peppers. They're yumtastic. I also came up with a really great recipe which I call SUPER PSYCHO CHEEZY EGGS. It has secret ingredients and is still in the design phase, but the positive results have been reproduced.

I have been having really astonishing, beautiful dreams. In one dream, I was sitting on a rooftop looking at the stars with a group of people on acid, trying to calm this guy down by kissing him. It was really emotional and nice, in a weird way, like I had the power to make everyone feel at ease somehow.

In another dream, someone was making gravy footprints all over the place, making a really big mess on the floors and walls, screaming "LOOK AT ME, I'M THE INVISIBLE MAN, I'M JESUS! I'M THE INVISIBLE JESUS! GET IT?!!?"

In yet another dream, my grandfather held my hand and told me he loved me, and was always very proud of me, and I woke up with tears in my eyes.

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