caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

Following the auto-googling trend...

Kamio is not my real name.
Kamio is feeling better :):)
Kamio is very modest, she draws well!
Kamio is appearing serially in the Margaret, a comic magazine for little girls
Kamio is writing Manga in the magazine "Aya"which is on sale on 8th of every month.
Kamio is the calico playing with the string.
Kamio is working for Camelot which should help them incorporate a new level of depth into the all-new gameplay of the upcoming Mario Tennis.
Kamio is Senior Managing Director at Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan.
Kamio is scheduled to lecture.
Kamio is no stranger to opening a restaurant called Boca Grande because she owns two such restaurants in Cambridge.
Kamio, is one of my favourite manga.
Kamio is all teeth and smile, all the time.
Kamio is shocked and... stamp!
Kamio is right...I'll be serious about this one.

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