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Here are some random things:

My housemate got a blender, so I've been making smoothies. Liquidy experiments in fruit and yogurt. I'm making a conscious effort to eat more healthful foodstuffs, so it's been big huge salads and smoothies for the past few days. Today, I mixed up bananas, plain yogurt, pear juice, strawberries and cherry tomatoes. I can't be stopped!

I love livejournal because I get to learn about all kinds of random music I wouldn't otherwise know anything about. My current musical selection, I owe to seijikat.

I haven't been writing much lately at all, and even now i'm kind of hesitant. I don't know why, I guess I don't have a lot going on lifewise right now. Things are kind of pleasantly copacetic, which may or may not be related to me popping happy pink paxil every day. I was told that other people would notice the changes before I did, so I don't know, I should ask around.

I started reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and i'm finding it a little bit poignant, and amusing.

I've noticed that people around me all seem to be using the word awesome all the time. It's almost as if everyone unconsciously agreed to start reintegrating the word in to their daily vocabulary. It's different somehow from the awesome of my youth, it seems to contain nary a trace of irony, it's all earnest and high-fivin'. Awesome! Did you see those towels on sale for $4.99? Awesome!

I'm just sayin', is all.

Last night I drank whiskey shots and beer with my compatriots and watched the Turkey-Japan world cup match. It was fun actually, we came up with lots of reasons to shout and whoop even though the game was mostly horribly boring. One guy got nailed pretty hard in the crotch, which was good in slow-motion replay.

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